Growers and shippers of the famous "Olympia Oyster"


OlyOyster-HistoryThe History of Olympia Oyster Company

Olympia Oyster Company has cultivated shellfish on our privately owned tidelands since incorporation in the Washington Territory in 1878  and has been a major producer of the Olympia Oyster since that time.

We cultivate 700 acres of marine farmland, located in southern Puget Sound and Hood Canal, and employ 50 people, who cultivate, harvest, process, and sell oysters and clams from this unique area.

Our fine oysters and clams are raised in the waters of the famous Totten Inlet Estuary, of Southern Puget Sound.  Totten Inlet shorelines are relatively “undeveloped”.  The shellfish growing waters are considered by state and federal health agencies as being of excellent quality.